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December 19, 2011 – Valador Achieves CMMI Level 3 Rating

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Herndon, VA, December 19, 2011–Valador, Inc. is proud to announce it has been recently appraised at Level 3 of the Capability Maturity Model® Integration (CMMI V1.2 DEV) for Software Engineering. The appraisal was performed by American Systems. We reached the elite CMMI Maturity Level (ML) 3 rating just 3 short months from our initial Standard CMMI Appraisal Method for Process Improvement (SCAMPI) B Audit. The fact that we were able to achieve this rating in just 3 months from our initial SCAMPII B audit substantiates that we have been following CMMI ML 3 processes and procedures for several years. Valador is now one of only nine Verified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) to be appraised at CMMI ML 3, and one of only three appraised at CMMI ML 3 and certified in ISO 20000.

As documented by the Carnegie Mellon SEI, CMMI is a process improvement approach with a goal to integrate traditionally separate organizational functions, set process improvement goals and priorities, provide guidance for quality processes, and provide a point of reference for appraising current processes.
CMMI ratings are obtained through appraisals conducted by certified professionals at the Carnegie Mellon University’s Software Engineering Institute (SEI). SEI works closely with defense and government organizations, industry, and academia to continually improve the processes used by organizations to develop products and services on time and within budget.

Valador has a solid history of strong business processes based on industry best practices and quality-related credentials. In 2009, Valador achieved certification in the world’s first international standard for IT Service Management, ISO 20000. In addition, Valador’s Project Managers are all trained on and follow PMI Best Practices and are PMP certified. Valador’s quality processes are based on CMMI, ISO 20000, PMI best practices, and lessons learned. Having achieved CMMI Level 3 solidifies our quality practices and ensures our customers quality products and services.

“I have stated for several years now that Valador follows CMMI best practices and operates at Level 3, even though we had not been formally audited. I required that we strive to follow Level 3 processes and procedures, and when we decided to have a formal audit done I made the decision to bypass Level 2 and go straight to Level 3. This was considered risky and was not advised. It was highly recommended that we first achieve Level 2 and then a year later go for Level 3. Knowing first-hand the maturity of our business processes and practices exceeded Level 2, I was confident that the right decision was to move forward with CMMI Level 3.”

“We have been following CMMI best practices since I started Valador over 10 years ago, and over the years have continued to improve with the model. This summer we had our initial SCAMPII B audit done by American Systems. The audit found some weaknesses in our processes and procedures, but they were very minor weaknesses and we were able to correct all of them in 3 months versus the timeframe of one year that it takes most companies for the initial SCAMPII B audit to final audit. The fact that we were able to do this in only 3 months demonstrates that we have been following the model at CMMI Level 3.”

“I am proud of all my Valador employees for adhering to the strict quality processes and procedures that CMMI requires and for their willingness and eagerness to participate in the continuous improvement process.”

“The investment to be formally audited will ensure our customers know that we have the quality processes and procedures in place and we follow those processes and procedures to provide high quality products and services. This achievement, along with our ISO 20000 Certification, and our commitment to providing PMP certified Project Managers, is a testament to our commitment to meeting the highest industry standards in quality and efficiency.”

“Since the audit was completed I have implemented CMMI across the entire company, not just our Software Development group. There are a number of processes and procedures in the model that can be applied to any project to improve the quality and efficiency of the project. When we have our next audit to renew our certification I think the auditors are going to be surprised at our success in implementing CMMI Level 3 model across the entire company.”

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