Operational Tools

We design and manage our IR&D solutions to support a variety of challenges currently facing our clients.

Operational Tools:

  • Valador Immersive Visualization Environment (VIVE®) – a development environment that integrates gaming technology, models, and real-world or simulation data. The VIVE® system facilitates comprehension of complex data through collaborative simulated environments. VIVE® was used to create the Distributed Observer Network for NASA.
  • Valador Information Assurance Decision Support System (VIADS®), a tool that supports all aspects of security operations, including the implementation of standard operating procedures – all in a graphical user interface designed with a gaming interface.
  • Executive Dashboards that enable senior managers to monitor the health and progress of all programs throughout an organization
  • Valador Multimedia Management System (VMMS®) – an integrated system for control of all audio visual equipment, switches and projectors – all from a single graphical interface.
  • Valador Management Information System (VMIS™) – a distributed project management tool which enables action tracking, shared scheduling, collaboration and accountability – all from a secure, web-based portal.
  • Valador Action Tracking System (VATS™) – an application to assist Program and Project Managers in assigning, tracking, and reporting on individual or team actions.
  • Valador Cert Model (VCERT™) – a tool that utilizes discrete event simulation and Monte Carlo processes to access the ability of a CERT to respond to specific cyber security performance requirements