Modeling & Simulation

We deliver powerful modeling and simulation solutions for decision support particularly when the decisions involve highly complex information architectures. Our approach to modeling leverages our investment in state-of-the-art simulation technologies for our technical professionals. We develop discrete event, Monte Carlo, and continuous process models using the latest tools including Satellite Tool Kit™, MatLab™, and Extend; and we couple these with advanced proprietary systems programmed in Maya, Java, C++, and Visual Basic™.

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Valador M&S has helped several federal agencies decide between complex alternatives, assess and improve the effectiveness of their processes, and significantly reduce the risks and lifecycle costs of their programs. Our M&S-based decision support capabilities span multiple technical disciplines as well as management and operational applications including:

  • Decision Support for Program Management
  • System Risk Forecasting
  • Reliability Analyses for Existing Systems & Components
  • Physics Simulation to Characterize Hazard Environment & Success Criteria
  • Process Development, Assessment, and Improvement
  • Cost and Operational Effectiveness Analysis
  • Alternatives, What-if Analysis
  • Engineering Analysis
  • Fit Analysis
  • Acquisition Decision Support
  • Simulation Based Training

Valador’s VIVE® service takes M&S beyond 2-dimensional data to 3-D representation of real world objects. We used this service to develop NASA’s Distributed Observer Network (DON), enabling NASA engineers and analysts worldwide to collaborate over simulation results. Using modern game engine technology, we enhance the visualization of the results of the models and simulations, providing solutions that are:

  • Immersive 3D representations – facilitating better understanding of the operational context of our models and simulations;
  • Database-driven- responding to simulation inputs in near real-time; and
  • Collaborative- enabling remote users to interact while viewing the models via the Internet.