Orbital Debris Management and Risk Mitigation iBook for NASA.

Orbital Debris Management and Risk Mitigation iBook

The Orbital Debris Management and Risk Mitigation iBook for NASA’s Academy of Program/Project & Engineering Leadership (APPEL) organization has just been released. Valador developed this for our NASA APPEL customer. This is APPEL’s first publication of NASA training materials using the iBook format. This new electronic book platform, introduced in the spring of 2012, enables the seamless integration of text with videos, 3-D models, image galleries, and interactive graphics.

APPEL’s Orbital Debris Management and Risk Mitigation (ODM) training course provides mission-critical knowledge that helps NASA missions implement the agency’s overarching strategic goals and the U.S. National Space Policy goals for sustainability in space. The new iBook supplements the existing course taught by Dr. Nicholas L. Johnson, Chief Scientist in the Orbital Debris Program Office at Johnson Space Center. These supplementary materials are now freely available to anyone.

The book was produced using iBook’s Author, a free software. Since iBooks are designed to function on an iPad, APPEL has also released a PDF of the complete text and all multimedia materials for readers using other technologies or e-readers.


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Orbital Debris Management and Risk Mitigation

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